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Bay Laurel is an Entertainment Label x Lifestyle Brand

Many have heard of the famous Olympic Games as they are still held today, but very few have heard of another prestigious contest of the time - the Pythian Games. These games were also created by the Ancient Greeks, a competitive society holding magnificent games in stadiums filled with cheering fans to honor their Gods.

The Pythian Games consisted of both athletic and artistic competitions. Victors of these contests would receive one of the period’s highest regarded symbols of status - the Laurel Wreath.


The Laurel Wreath is a crown fashioned with leaves from the bay laurel tree. Legend says the origin of the bay laurel tree stems from the nymph Daphne who was beloved by Apollo, God of music and truth. There are various depictions of the tale, though the general narrative remains that after being struck by an arrow of Cupid, God of love, Apollo became overwhelmed with infatuation for Daphne. Apollo’s lustful desire drove him to chase Daphne against her wishes. Pleading for help from her father, the God of the river, Daphne was transformed into the bay laurel tree.

Apollo, overtaken by the beauty of the bay laurel tree, claimed it as his own, dedicating it as a reward to the highest achievements of Greek civilization. This is why the crown was given to the victors of the Pythian Games, as these games were held to honor Apollo.

Since the time of the Pythian Games the Laurel Wreath has remained one of the most prestigious symbols of victory throughout human society. It remained customary to award victorious generals, athletes, musicians and poets a Laurel Wreath as prize for their accomplishments. The Nobel and Poet Laureate’s are well-known examples of how the Laurel Wreath still holds the highest of status today.

Bay Laurel is an Entertainment Label x Lifestyle Brand. Our core value structure is rooted in the profound statement “Never rest on your laurels”. This means no matter how many times we may achieve victory, we continue striving to evolve, improve and grow daily.

In every aspect of our business, from music and fashion to nightlife events we strive beyond excellence, aiming to set the tone for the next generation of leaders. What sets us apart from anything that came before is our dedication to community development.

In 2019, we founded our philanthropic arm the Bay Laurel Fund, which is used to curate free Arts + Athletics camps for inner-city youth. A portion of all net-profit Bay Laurel earns is used to finance these camps. Meaning, every time you stream a song by a Bay Laurel artist, purchase a finely crafted piece of our merchandise, or come to one of our amazing concerts/events, you’re helping improve the community!

Since antiquity Bay Laurel has stood proudly as a symbol of victory. We promise to continue that pursuit of victory in all we do. Vowing regardless of how many times we achieve success, we will never rest on our laurels.

#ChasingGlory 🌳


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